Best Beef Jerky Ever Has Arrived!!!!


Grassroots and The Jerk Store are pleased to announce that all four distinct flavors of the best beef jerky around have landed on Grassroots shelves in Barrington, IL!!!  Grassroots is a clothing and general store where you can find many unique items in downtown Barrington ranging from hot sauce to amazing art work.

This appears to be another perfect fit for The Jerk Store as they continue to flood the market with their delicious strips of jerky to the masses.  The Jerk Store was the talk of the Barrington Arts Festival last weekend and we fully expect to hear more from these jerks in the not so distant future.  Marination excellence has been obtained.

The Jerk Store at Soldiers Field

The Jerk Store came to Soldiers Field for The American Beer Classic and to distribute some of our delicious beef jerky to the masses.  And deliver we did, we sold out!!!  The perfect combo of tasty beers from over 200 beer vendors and our beef jerky seemed to be the perfect combo for all of the patrons.  We had a ton of fun and can't wait till next year!!!

photo (2).JPG